"Coming About" Public Art - Tiburon, CA "Sun Flowers" Streetscape"
Public Art - Palo Alto, CA
Strybing Arboretum,
San Francisco Golden Gate Park
"Seaside" Waterwall
Belvedere, CA
"Source and Resource"
Public Art - Central Park, Davis, CA
"Fertile Cresent" Fountain Wall
Mill Valley, CA

"Moon Garden" Streetscape
San Francisco, CA

"Who's Invited for Drinks?"
San Francisco Landscape Show
Artists' Residence
Albany, CA
"Water's Edge"
Berkeley, CA
"Earth and Fire" Earth Wall & BBQ
Napa, CA
"Life Through Time"
Academy of Sciences
San Francisco Golden Gate Park
House & Garden
San Anselmo, CA
Sculptural Garden
Berkeley, CA
Los Gatos, CA
"Wash" Room
Napa, CA
Gateway Walls
Marine World Africa USA,
Vallejo, CA

Sculptural Fence and Garden
Pleasant Hill, Ca

5'x7' Bathroom Albany, CA Meditation Room Point
Richmond, CA
River Drive
Los Altos Hills, CA
Entry Plaza & Dining Court
Cal. St. Auto. Assoc., Livermore, CA
"Passage" Stairwell Gallery
San Francisco, CA
Artists' Studio
Oakland, CA
   Philosopher's Garden & Fountain Kenwood CA